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Cissi Hansson, a specialist ADHD Coach from Sweden, is touring New Zealand to raise awareness around ADHD and how to live well. An enthusiastic and highly motivated individual and experienced coach, Cissi is keen to share her own experiences and story.

The Tour starts in February 2020. Stay updated by follow ADHDTourNZ

  • Queenstown 12th February
  • Invercargill 22nd February
  • Dunedin 5th March
  • Christchurch 17th March
  • Nelson 28th March
  • Wellington 7th of April
  • Palmerston North 17th of April
  • Taupo 8th of May
  • Rotorua 15th of May
  • Hamilton 27th of May
  • Tauranga 10th of June
  • Auckland TBA
  • Whangarei 11th of July

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Besides the planned presentations, Cissi will be available for speaking invitations and coaching (in-person and online) en-route. Cissi is already in New Zealand holidaying and prepping for the tour, so please say hi if you see her in campervan!

Cissi is a ICF certified coach, specialising in ADHD related coaching including time management motivation and goal setting. She coaches both ADHD diagnosed adults and children, as well as their families. One of the keys objectives is to achieve an organised lifestyle to make everything sustainable in the longterm.

Programmes are custom made to suit each individual situation. Please reach out for your 30 minutes free, no-obligation chat to see if we should work together!

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Lifestyle á la Cissi!

My motto is “One life – live it”. For me this means live life to the fullest by combining my two passions. Travel and  helping other people by sharing my story.

I sold my stuff in Sweden and currently traveling New Zealand and living in my van.

I always had a dream to explore New Zealand and one day I applied for a visa and a few days after I got myself on a plane. A fan of the outdoors I have traveled and lived in many different countries over the globe.

So far New Zealand is like waking up to a dream! Sometimes I have to pinch myself. My office these days is literally mobile and I get the greatest inspirations from being in the best location while I travel around New Zealand.

Coaching is like to be scratched on the back, you know where it itches but you can not do it yourself…

Fun facts: I have worked in the tourism industry for 10 years, lived in and visited over 50 countries. Sailed the Atlantic Ocean, helped build the Icehotel in Sweden. Made table decorations for the Nobel Dinner in 2017, and worked as a miner 1300 meters underground. Follow my Instagram to get to know me better!

This article is about Cissi’s life when she was working in the tourism industry all over the world. On a sailing yacht in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean and at the ICEHOTEL in most northern part of Sweden.

“Are you looking for a coach who has made her own journey and knows what it takes to move forward? Congratulations, then you’ve come right”


“Cissi was very kind to meet us. Cissi is very personable and give some very practical advice to my doughter”


“We need you!” Tomas Enhager 

“Cissi is really a joy spreader and a challenging coach, suited me perfectly and has now achieved things I did not know was possible for me, thanks!”


“After every conversation with Cissi, it felt like an energy injection and everything felt light and bright. With her coaching she has made me realize what it is I really want in my life – and it is invaluable! I highly recommend her!” 

Cecilia I

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